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Women in World War I
Images of Women's History collected by Jone Johnson Lewis <Back to Last Page>     <Picture Gallery - All Topics>

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A collection of images of women in World War I:

Woman Suffrage images, 1917 - pictures of activities on behalf of women's suffrage during World War I

1917- Women operate canteen for African American military men - opened by the National League for Woman's Service, this canteen and club was operated for "Negro" soldiers and sailors by African American women.

1917-1918: Food Administration

1917-1919: Marjorie Stinson - World War I Pilot

1917-1919: Lillian Russell in uniform of US Marine Corps Woman Reserve - World War I

1917-1919: Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman - convicted of conspiracy against draft law, July 9, 1917

1917-1920: Women of France, cultivating the soil.

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