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Pictures of Women's Suffrage Movement

The women's suffrage movement in pictures: from the 19th century through winning the vote in the early 20th century

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  • Pictures of Women's Suffrage Activists - with more below

Suffrage Organizing

Pictures from Suffrage Protests 1913-1917

Pictures of the Women's Suffrage Movement 1917-1919:

Victory of the Women's Suffrage Movement


Pictures of Individuals Associated with Woman Suffrage

Susan B. Anthony (biography)

Alice Stone Blackwell

Antoinette Brown Blackwell

Harriet Stanton Blatch (daughter of Elizabeth Cady Stanton)

Amelia Bloomer

Carrie Chapman Catt

Paulina Wright Davis

Abigail Scott Duniway

Matilda Joslyn Gage

Julia Ward Howe

Mary Livermore

Belva Lockwood

Lucretia Mott

Maud Wood Park

Alice Paul

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Lucy Stone

Mary Church Terrell

  • Mary Church Terrell, organizer of African American women at the 1913 DC march

Sojourner Truth

Harriet Tubman

  • Harriet Tubman - undated photograph
  • Harriet Tubman - in her later years, from a painting by Robert S. Pious

Frances Willard

Frances Wright

Women's Suffrage Pictures Elsewhere on the Net

  • Campaign for Women's Suffrage - Wisconsin - includes local activists as well as national figures including Susan B. Anthony, Olympia Brown Willis and Dr. Anna Howard Shaw. Also includes some photos of a suffrage demonstration at the White House, Washington, DC.

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