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Thursday, October 5, 2000

WASHINGTON -- Last night, the U.S. Senate cleared Congressman George Miller's "Rosie the Riveter Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historic Site" bill and sent the measure to President Clinton, who could sign it into law before the October 14th dedication of the Rosie Memorial in Richmond, California.

"By sending this legislation to the President, we honor all those who served, in uniform and in coveralls, wearing helmets or bandanas, hoisting a machine gun or a welder's torch," said Miller (D-Martinez). "We also honor the city of Richmond and all those who came to this city, labored here on behalf of the war effort in the 1940's, and stayed to build a great city."

The Rosie the Riveter National Historic Park will salute the role of the home front during World War II, and particularly recognize the significant changes in the lives of women and minorities that occurred during that era.

The bill has been vigorously supported by Richmond Mayor Rosemary Corbin, Councilman Tom Butt, former Councilwoman Donna Powers, and others, including Kaiser Permanente and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Miller also saluted Richmond residents Luidie Mitchell and Ruth Powers who worked in Home Front activities and testified before Congress in favor of his bill.

Miller had authored a bill two years ago that directed the National Park Service to study the feasibility of designating the former Kaiser Shipyards and related facilities such as child care centers and health facilities a National Historic Park. That report, issued earlier this year, concluded that Richmond "is nationally significant [and that] Richmond offers an exceptional opportunity to interpret the many layers of World War II Home Front experience, including migration and resettlement for jobs, integration of the workforce, industrial and employee service innovations, and the remarkable efforts by government, industry, communities and unions to enable America to win the war."

"I am hopeful that the President will be able to sign this bill in time for the dedication of the Rosie memorial sculpture on October 14th," Miller said. "This national designation pays tribute to all those who sacrificed on the home front during World War II. They fought that greatest war for all of us, and this legislation will ensure that future generations of Americans know what they did, and honor them for their sacrifices."


* Press releases are included on this site occasionally when the information in them is of interest to women's history.  Press releases are usually public relations communications from government and private sector organizations, and should be read with that purpose in mind.

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