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Queen Victoria by Lytton Strachey
Introduction - Jone Johnson Lewis
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I. Antecedents
II. Childhood
III. Lord Melbourne
IV. Marriage
V. Lord Palmerston
VI. Last Years of the Prince Consort
VII. Widowhood
VIII. Mr. Gladstone and Lord Beaconsfield
IX: Old Age
X. The End
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Victoria in 1850
Victoria in 1850

Strachey's 1921 biography of Queen Victoria was unlike his more biting Eminent Victorians (1918: Florence Nightingale was one of its subjects). The anecdotal style and clear affection for the subject make this work a landmark biography.

Strachey later wrote Elizabeth and Essex: A Tragic History (1928), with an almost Freudian analysis of the life of another of England's great queens.

Strachey's view of Queen Victoria has significantly shaped public and scholarly perception of her life and reign; even if more recent research questions some of his assumptions, the work is good insight into how Victoria has been perceived and why.

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