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Are Women People?

by Alice Duer Miller, 1915

Are Women People?

A Book of Rhymes
For Suffrage Times

by Alice Duer Miller

author of "Blue Arch," "The Modern Obstacle," etc.
New York

George H. Doran Company

Copyright 1915
by George H. Doran Company

To V.B.W.
Slave-driver and friend

To the New York Tribune, in whose generous columns many of these verses first appeared, the author here wishes to express her gratitude.


About this book: In 1915, the state-by-state battle for suffrage had won a few battles. Supporters of woman suffrage had multiplied, which also brought anti-suffrage sentiments to the surface to counter the suffrage arguments.

The author of this volume of feminist humor and satire, Alice Duer Miller, wrote many of the pieces for her column in the New York Tribune, "Are Women People?" She also wrote a sequel, published in 1917, Women Are People!

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