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Lois Weber

Dates: June 13, 1881 (1882?) - November 13, 1939

A film actress, writer and director in the early days of Hollywood film making, Lois Weber directed hundreds of films, some under contract to Universal where she had considerable freedom in picking her materials. In the 1920s, she went independent, though the films she produced on her own were not received as well by critics and the public. She often wrote her own film scripts

Some of the films directed by Lois Weber were on controversial topics such as capital punishment, religion, and politics; others were more intimate examinations of marriage and relationships. Her movie The Dumb Girl of Portici was Anna Pavlova's introductory screen appearance.

Lois Weber worked with her husband, Phillips Smalley, until their divorce. After that point, she seemed to lose her focus and energy, and her career as a filmmaker essentially ended.

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  • Categories: film director, actress, producer
  • Places: Pennsylvania; Hollywood, California; United States
  • Period: 20th century

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